and I’m back

So I haven’t updated in quite a while, but I have new motivation to blog. For the longest time I was very nervous to blog my coffee opinions in the face of so many experts that know so much more, but now I realize that everyone has something of value to share, and learn from one another, and even issues like espresso and crema are up in the air at this point. (I’m making reference to a great debate in specialty coffee about whether crema should be considered a good thing on espresso or if we should get rid of it.) So I will be a-bloggin once again with new fervor. A few new developments since I last posted:

1. I went to Europe for 2 months where I had mostly mediocre coffee experiences, but also phenominal ones thanks to the great coffee people at Coffee Collective (and their americano crema skimming ways which set off this controversy, but also made the best damn americano I’ve ever had) and Estate Coffee (incredibly nice and welcoming)

2. I came back to Backporch to find a brand new mazzer kony special electronic mod from espresso parts (yay!) only to find it to be the biggest hassle of a grinder I’ve ever experienced (ohhhh.) More on that some other time.

3. I’ve officially started roasting at Backporch which has been amazing and enlightening. I’m learning so much right now about the art and the craft that it’s hard to take it all in, but it seems very natural at the same time.

4. I’ve learned a lot about the art of cold brew this summer.

5. More recently, we got our first direct trade account, which I’m so excited about: Costa Rica La Minita. The first roast went into the barrel today, and it’s a beautiful bean, very clean with the caturra shining through. We took it mid-30s, and really worked it at the end. First taste tomorrow. Hopefully it’s as good as it looks.

6. A friend brought by a convex tamper for us to play with. So far I’m loving it, and I’m sure some great experiments will come from it before it becomes a permanent fixture around the grinder.

So all that should give me enough fuel for many more posts. I look forward to it.


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