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Once upon a time there was a machine that gave specialty coffee folk a happy feeling similar to the feeling you got the first time┬áthat you saw that special guy or gal for the first time, and you knew it was love. That machine was the clover. A fancy, pricey, little box of joy that produced a single cup of coffee at the push of a button, with the taste of the french press but with more clarity. Everyone was happy. Shops were shoveling out thousands of dollars for these machines, and customers were handing out four dollars for a cup of brewed coffee. It seemed like heaven. The coffee world had found it’s holy grail. Then starbucks bought the company, and angry mobs took to the streets in Portland taking their clovers and dragging them behind their fixies and priuses and hitting them with their chuck taylors. Ever since then there has been a void that has yet to be filled in brewed coffee for the specialty coffee industry. Today, I read a blog about ┬ásomething that could, possibly, maybe, under the right circumstances start filling that void, the Marco Uber Boiler. It was unveiled this week in Ireland as a joint project between some really cool, geeky, and passionate people. Basically, it is a glorified water boiler. A sleek design that is temperature stable, temperature controlled (for different coffees and different brew techniques) and has a built in scale. Here’s the full blog from someone working on it who knows more than I do about it: Marco Uber Boiler.

Uber Fun for all your coffee and techniques

Uber Fun for all your coffee and techniques


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